Aug. 9th, 2014

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Someone on reddit asked for money saving tips and I ended up writing this really long post that I thought was pretty awesome in my humble opinion (but maybe I am a bit self-absorbed since I usually like reading what I write myself). At the end I wrote a few paragraphs on how to save money on various drugs.

I should have added: don't go to a stupid private college.

Avoid renting. Get a mortgage if you can. Find a small and inexpensive house. Look online for yourself at a place like Zillow; Don't trust your realtor to show you the best houses. Ours seemed to want to put us in the biggest and most expensive house possible.

Buy and use a wood pellet stove to heat your house. It costs less than $400 to heat my home for a whole winter. Mine was about $1700 but this was when there was a special tax break for getting them which isn't available anymore I don't think.

If you can afford it invest in green energy saving appliances and insulation for your house. Replace old & shitty drafty windows or doors. Get thick black-out curtains to block out the sun and heat during the summer and cold in the winter.

Other than mortgage, car, and other necessities when you have no other options, try to pay with cash/debit card and avoid debts and paying interest. Don't ever do pay advance, check-into-cash places or rent-a-center type places.

Pirate most of your entertainment and software. Prefer free and open source software. Don't pay for cable or satellite television. Prefer Netflix or Hulu.

When you buy new books, Kindle books are generally less expensive, more convenient, and more fun than paper books ('cause I like gadgets). Reading on my Kindle paperwhite's e-ink screen will use less energy than other electronic screens.

Avoid using disposable AA & AAA batteries. Prefer rechargeable batteries and devices which plug into the wall.

If you live alone or with people you trust, be a nudist in your house and do less laundry.

Learn to make your own deodorants, soaps and other hygiene and cleaning products with ingredients such as baking soda. You can find the recipes online.

If you have periods, use a reusable menstrual cup instead of disposable menstrual products.

You never ever ever have to change LED lightbulbs. CFL/fluorescent lamps are my second choice. Don't ever use incandescent bulbs.

If you like and want to buy video games, play them on PC and get them through Steam. Do not get them when they first come out. Wait for the summer and holiday sales. If you like gaming on a television get an HDMI cable and xbox controller with USB adapter.

Don't buy Apple products.

Don't use an inkjet printer. Use a laser printer. If you have to print at all. I use a tablet and avoid printing whenever possible. If you go to work in an office or school, use their printer. When I want to have books on paper I pirate them, print them on three-hole paper using my duplex laser printer, and put the papers in a binder.

Try to buy supplies such as toilet paper and non-perishable food items in bulk at a place like Costco. Costco is also a good place to shop for other items. It is also a good place to get prescription medications. They are an extremely ethical company and have a very good return policy.

Find off-brand and generic alternatives to name brand products.

Try to buy products that are very durable and will last a lifetime and not break even if you have to pay more for them initially. Use consumer reports and look up online reviews to find these products. Also, the products that professionals use can be more durable and more useful and worth learning how to use.

Laptops that are made for businesses cost more up front, but are more durable and higher quality than most entry level and consumer laptops.

Drive a Prius. We get at least 40MPG, up to 60 on the highway. Or, and this can waste a lot of time depending on where you live, but you could use public transport and not drive at all. I actually don't know how to drive so this is what I do, but this is kind of frustrating and limiting where I live. But if I lived in a bigger city with nicer transport it would not be so bad.

If you can, work at home or telecommute and avoid commuting.

I have never done this, but I have always wanted to grow my own food and keep chickens for the eggs.

This is more manual labor, but if you have a lawn you can use a push reel mower instead of one that consumes gas.

Dungeons and Dragons is a cheap hobby and good way to meet cool people in your area.

If you order enough stuff online from Amazon, Amazon Prime can save you some money on shipping costs.

Avoiding drugs all together is the cheapest way to go, buuuuut I really enjoy drugs; I have done a lot of different ones. Buying them online with bitcoins is less expensive, better quality and probably safer than from the street or some person you know.

MXE is good, relatively safe, and it is what I do most because it is just about the most cost-effective high out there in my experience. It is currently grey market in the US (so not actually controlled/penalized by the government). Plugging it is the most efficient route of administration other than injecting into your veins which is scary and not worth doing.

If you like weed, investing in a vaporizer will use the weed more efficiently. After vaporizing you can then smoke it, so you get to use it twice.

If you like nicotine, e-cigarettes are less expensive and healthier than conventional cigarettes. Don't get a random e-cigarette without doing any research to find a good one however, because you will probably get a shitty one that doesn't work. Do reading online or go to a e-cigarette store and ask for their advice. If you absolutely must use conventional cigarettes, you can buy them online from Indian reservations and these are not taxed. If you like hookah, just go to a hookah bar occasionally, don't buy a hookah. Those are shitty and expensive and break all of the time and are not worth buying.

If you like alcohol, brew your own beer, wine, and/or moonshine. This will be less expensive and way higher quality than you can ever afford.

Someone already mentioned not going out to eat and not buying liquor at a bar, but this is worth repeating.


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