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The only holiday tradition I like is getting new crap. I have mixed feelings about gifts because sometimes people give me bullshit which becomes junk that clutters my basement or a source of guilt disposing of it. But the crap I buy myself is always good.

I got 30% off [The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition]( I also got steam games Dark Souls and Hotline Miami for $7.

So I like shopping on Black Friday, but online, not actual stores. More deals can be found all year long on [slickdeals]( but it's especially helpful during the holiday sales.

I am desensitized to the holiday shopping violence. It happens every year. Not exactly shocking. But while getting trampled at the store happens and is covered by the news, it probably won't actually happen to you. So be reasonable and less dramatic.

My dad wanted to take me clothes shopping so I went to an actual store today. It was not crowded, but their computers weren't working correctly. The register froze, so they needed to ring up all of the clothes again. However when I got back I realized they must have left half of my items at the first register. So we returned to get the clothes we left behind. That was annoying, but I have some smaller skinny jeans and some nice new sweaters.

Conventional wisdom says that it's easier for skinny people to shop for clothes so maybe I am a fucking moron and blind, but I always find the stock of smalls and extra smalls frustratingly thin. There were several shirts I wanted available in large, extra large, extra extra large, maybe medium, rarely small and almost never extra small. It was also hard to find jeans in the color I wanted, but from sizes four and up the stock was much better.

I bought a pair of size 0 jeans, do I get some kind of prize for that? But I bought mostly size 2s and they appear to be the exact same width of the size 0s in the other brand so I don't know. [Women's clothing sizes are a joke.](

Last time I went they had sub-sizes such as "size 2, fit 1-6" which they seem to have dumped in favor of descriptors "small, medium, and curvy". My new size 2 small jeans seem to be smaller than my old size 2 fit 4 jeans.

I only had one pair of skinny jeans before. Now I have multiple pairs! Yay! Skinny jeans differ from other boot cut jeans in that they are much more snug around the calves and ankles. I appreciate this because it helps keep my legs and ankles warm.

Every time I tell my dad what size I am he doesn't believe me and attempts to buy me the 10-12s I wore in middle school. Right now he thinks my low-rise jeans fit fine because I have way too much extra crotch room thus end up pulling them up way past my belly button to keep them from falling off, and he doesn't get how low rise jeans are supposed to fit.

I recall in grade school how he'd always get me huge uniforms. The rule for skirt length was no higher than three inches above the knee and my skirts were so long they went halfway down my calves. (Other girls would roll their skirts up at the band to make the skirts shorter temporarily).

Also got a belt so my old jeans will be more wearable. It's red with a pretty pattern. And acquired a new hat! I can't find my other hats.

One of the things I'm asked, when someone they learns my husband isn't the one supporting me completely, what happens when my dad dies? And I was just like I don't know, that's depressing for many reasons, not just because I'd have less financial support and have to depend on my much flakier husband if I still can't find a good job by then.

Today my dad wanted to discuss what would happen to his assets if he died. I learned I'd get way more money than I'd know what to do with if that happens. So it's good I don't have to worry about that, I guess. I am surprised there is so much because there's no sign of his wealth when he barely spends the money he has. He's hoarded it for me apparently. I mean, my dad means more to me than the money he's put aside for me but I think it says something about his dedication as a parent and self-control that he's not spending it all himself like my husband's parents do.

My paternal grandfather was actually way wealthier than my dad and left dad a large sum of money, despite the fact that he had several children. My dad really appreciated that and wants to do the same with me. He says I should look forward to it. My dad is annoying but not so much that I want him to die so I can have his money. But It is a relief knowing that I can't reasonably fear becoming wretched poor even though I am kind of worthless at functioning like a capitalist and will be for a few more years at least, probably.
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