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I always think people have more choices, not less. Personally, bisexuality seems like a rational choice as the best sexuality, because I try to make decisions about love and sex non-impulsively. Although this seems retarded coming from someone who married at 17 to someone I started dating six months before, right? Well, I thought about it a lot! I dropped out of school so I wasn’t busy with that bullshit. I had a lot of time to sit around and think!

Well, it is a choice for me, but maybe not so much for others. Maybe others are born with this libido that makes decisions for them, such as only be attracted to bizarre expectations and crazy shallow bullshit as far as I can tell.

I have discussed how I doubt that being gay is totally determined by genetics, because I do not understand how both gay gene and ancient Greece can exist in our consensus reality. Is there a gene that causes you to fit all of the other homosexual stereotypes too?

I sense some other motivation in this gay gene theory, a victimizing, pitying sort of bad influence. When Nietzsche criticized pity, he wasn’t talking about not having compassion for other people, he was criticizing some kind of self-martyring mental complex he called nihilism.

Gay gene theory further victimizes gay people. The point is, we should be free! to make choices! to do whatever we want and whoever we want for whatever reason! Not we should be ashamed that I can’t help being gay because it’s genetic so if I had some other choice I’d be straight because this life is difficult and oppressed. Because if you’d really make that choice…then…why…are you gay?
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