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Aug. 16th, 2014 02:46 am
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How much does your dog resemble you? My dog has another ear infection. I also had ear infections. I had many illnesses and colds which eventually lead to pneumonia. I was hospitalized and nearly died at five years old. Penicillin saved my life, but I had an allergy to it, so it nearly killed me also. I got a rash and everything, but, it didn't show up typically, so that was why everything was nearly a catastrophe. But, I survived. A very dramatic story. Hopefully my dog doesn't go through as much drama.

Pink Floyd songs terrified me when I was a toddler. I shit you not songs that terrified me: Money and Time. I screamed and screamed. These are some of my first memories. My Dad would play Pink Floyd loudly when I was a child. If Pink Floyd wrote a song called Math I'd probably still need to be on anti-psychotics.

My Dad was kind of an asshole sometimes and a hippie Skitzophrenic apparently. What a complex Dad! Ultimately a good guy. Alcoholic. Nicotine addict who quit. Skizophrenics are often nicotine addicts and often alcoholics but THERE ARE ALCOHOLICS EVERYWHERE WHOAH.

I'm pretty sure it's legal to name your child Fuck in the state of Kentucky. Someday I will compile a list of interesting uniquely American freedoms such as that one.

I was kind of mean to my DM because he thought anybody with a computer could become Skrillex. I do not know why my DM wants to compare himself to Skrillex, but says things like anyone with a computer can make dubstep. I think yes, anyone with a computer can make dupstep, that doesn't make it good dubstep. Any two human beings with a hand and fingers can press the same button on a piano and make the same noise, but that doesn't make them equal musicians. DM refuses to acknowledge that someone like Skrillex can be talented because he uses a computer to make music. Who is the asshole? My husband says the asshole is me. My husband says, just be nicer. Maintain the illusion. Encourage the DM to make shitty dubstep.

If he has a fucking two year education in audio and makes money selling instruments at Sweetwater, why are his feelings hurt by the opinion of someone like me? I don't think my DM should be trashing Skrillex.

If I apologized to my DM that would probably just humiliate him further?

Just cleaned up stuffing spread everywhere because my dog ripped it open. These toys are stupid. They should be way more durable. Planned obsolescence of dog toys makes me want to jump from a cliff because all of this gonads and strife and everything is so worthless.

Recently read aloud my diary I kept from when I was 9 years old to my husband. I found it stupid, cute, funny, and sad. Considering scanning it and uploading it...


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